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1922 Horse-drawn School Bus

Pictured from Left to Right: Dave Ozmun (26), Iona (Crabb) Stratton (23), Catherine (Ozmun) McNamara (23), Ila (Crabb) (Atwood) Buck (22), Doris (Morrison) Duesbury (22), Leola (Toots) Stratton (22), Alma Stratton (29), Gertrude Smith (29) (behind Alma Stratton), Velda Smith (29), Lela Stratton (33), Ila Stratton (27) (behind Lela Stratton), Dela (Crabb) Remick (27), Esther (Ozman) Taylor (27), Forrest (Crabb) Halterman (27) Orville Smith, Tom Jones (Driver). Two young boys in front of bus driver are Kenneth Smith and Lester Smith. Behind them is Bill Vasey (32). Boys not wearing caps to the right of the bus driver are Jeff Morrison (back) and John Crabb (32). 

SchoolBus_Horse 1922.jpg
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